We’re Loaded


As a fellow firearms dealer, I’ve seen a number of trends come and go in our industry, but nothing like what I’m going to tell you about! Thanks to a remarkable technology breakthrough, something is coming that will absolutely transform the firearm and accessories sales industry.

I don’t want you to get left behind, because I truly believe that in the coming days and months there will be a major divide in our industry between the dealers who put this incredible new sales tool to work for their business... and those who witness a steady migration of customers over to those who acted early.

National Firearms Dealer Network (NFDN) has developed a new paradigm in firearms sales — an online mall that’s open 24/7, featuring the industry’s leading products, as well as the world’s largest inventory! In fact, by partnering with the industry’s top manufacturers and distributors, NFDN dealers have access to $300 Million of inventory! Basically, if it’s got a trigger, we probably have it, so your customers can, too.

Here's how it works. For the remarkable low price of just $100/month, you get a state-of-the-art website that allows your customers to shop anytime, anywhere. We're talking about an incredibly dynamic sales and ordering portal that's constantly updated, featuring the top selling firearms as well as the world's largest inventory. Orders are processed online and fulfillment is built right into the system so you can see exactly which distributor partners have inventory availability.

And here's even more value. If you become a NFDN member, you get EGOSS, the most advanced A&D ATF compliant tracking system for free! The time and money EGOSS will save your store in maintaining your ATF records will pay for the cost of the membership 2x over. These programs offer the most comprehensive E-commerce and compliance package available today.

The sales power of being an NFDN retail partner is astounding, but even more amazing is just how simple your site is to maintain and customize. NFDN gives you the tools to easily manage your markups, sales and featured items. We do all the ongoing heavy lifting to ensure your site is the ultimate place for gun enthusiasts to shop. It is truly a non-stop sales machine.

Say good-bye to time consuming product searches and say hello to the NFDN. The manufacturers, distributors and dealers are on board. With a NFDN national ad campaign launching this fall, millions of customers will be too. So sign up today and join the revolution. Firearms retailing will never be the same.

always open for your customers
Give your customers the ability to shop anytime and from anywhere in a state-of-the-art online firearms mall! They can place orders and receive purchase confirmation even when your retail location is closed and it’s easy to manage your markups by category or individual items.
no website knowledge required
You can easily customize your online storefront to feature specials, community events or whatever you wish to spotlight, and relax knowing that traffic will be driven to your site by NFDN’s national ad campaign that includes numerous magazine ads.
an unmatched sales machine
For the ridiculously low price of $100/month, you can have a world-class e-commerce storefront that is easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance. Your site is automatically stocked from the world’s largest online inventory. You have to see it to believe it.